Amin Aghaei


Bachelor of Arts; College for the Arts, Tehran, Iran

He was supposed to be born in Khorramshahr; but beginning of war and occupation of the city destined Amin Aghaei to be born in war displacements and in 1982 in Isfahan
Amin spent his childhood in Isfahan, Yazdanshahr, Najaf Abad, Naft Sefid .... After nearly four years of migration and homelessness, his family chose to live in Ahvaz. Relaxed living in Ahvaz and gradually keeping his distance of homelessness, urged Amin to choose drawing as a way to show his thoughts. Before this, painting was an entertainment for him to escape from the hard times of war and homelessness. This decision changed Amin’sway of life.
Not so free social-political atmosphere, and military spirit predominance over civic atmosphere during the years after the war in Iran and especially in Khuzestan caused Amin Aghaei to be drawn to the art of drawing cartoons along his paintings. He could express his critical untolds through these very cartoons. This critical aspect of art of drawing cartoons also flowed into his paintings, and much of his works enjoyed some kind of meaningful humor in their contexts. Amin began his media collaboration with local press in his teens which led him to extend it to a continued cooperation with national and foreign press. After army service, he spent three years of his life in Khuzestan sugarcane agro-industry factories, but in order to achieve growth and progress in his art, he left the factory and entered the academic atmosphere of art and began his academic education in painting.
In years of his collaboration with the press, he closely became aware of people’s way of living, and their cultural and social shortcomings. The desire to understand the contemporary history of Khuzestan province and his homeland Iran which is a part of his challenges, began during this period of time.
Amin Aghaei in most of the works which he was the creator for, viewed the social, political and even environmental problems with a critical and thought-provoking look. The same reason has made Amin's work as a resource for semiotic analysis of social history of Iran in the past years.

Solo Exhibitions

2014 I am looking at you through the crack of door; Aun gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013 On The Karun River Bank; Aun Gallery; Tehran, Iran
2010 Jewelry Museum; Kremnica, Slovakia

Selected Group Exhibitions

2015 The Great Game; The Iranian National Pavilion, 56th International Biennial of Venice, Venice, Italy
2015 Beyond Boundaries; animation in new art. 9th Tehran international animation festival, Tehran, Iran
2013 Iran & Rio/ Largo Gallery; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2013 Norouz 93/ Aun Gallery; Tehran, Iran
2013 Review of a Decade of Video Art in Iran/ Iranian Artist Forum; Tehran, Iran
2013 Paykan/ An Iranian Automobile; Aun Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013 2nd year; Iranian Artist Forum, Tehran, Iran
2010 50 years of Journalism; Paris, France
2008 Artists Against the War; Society of Illustrators, New York, USA

Selected residencies and awards

2014 largo Das Arts residency in Rio de janeiro, Awarded prince Claus Fund, chosen by Ernesto neto , Rio de janeiro, Brazil
2014 Selected Foundation Salzamt Residency, Linz, Austria
2012 First prize of Humor Festival Piracicaba; Piracicaba, Brazil
2010 Second Place, Satyrykon Festival; Legnica, Poland
2010 Special Mention, CNN Prize, Aydin Dogan Festival; Istanbul, Turkey
2009 Special Mention, Marostica Cartoon festival;Marostica, Italy
2008 Special Mention, Satyrykon Festival; Legnica, Poland
2008 Second Place, Guangxi Cartoon Festival; Guangxi, China
2008 Second Place, Journalism Biennale; Havana, Cuba
2007 Third Place, Daejon Cartoon Festival; Daejon, South Korea
2007 Honorable Mention, The Turkish Journalists Association, Çorum, Turkey
2006 Excellence prize, Yumiuri Shimbun News Paper, Tokyo, Japan
2006 Second Prize, ; Kanal D Prize, Aydin Dogan Festival; Istanbul, Turkey
2006 Grand prize of Humor Festival Piracicaba; Piracicaba, Brazil
2006 First Place, National Journalism, cartoon section; Tehran, Iran
2005 First Place, National Journalism, cartoon section; Tehran, Iran