At the karun bank / 2013

Unintentional suspension; The calm after the storm; my land, where I should've been born in; Khuzestan; reminder of ancient history, Ziggurat of Chogha-Zanbil, Shush (Susa) , Izeh, etc. and contemporary history, oil, war, and …

In this exhibition, I have emphasized the forgotten people of Khuzestan from the heart of her ancient as well contemporary history. The people whose land is a crossing, and for whom oil has offered war and misery. Realities of this life, takes them to a place in between space and earth where the ambient heat floats them to create a strange surreal image for the viewer. This obscure geography is given an identity due to its inhabitants, and these personalities speak of a turbulent life through their silence. And Karun River, Khuzestan's mother, binds their souls.

Amin Aghaei


Video Art

Twenty eight

I presented the present video along with a number of my paintings in a series called "At the Karun Bank".
The theme of this video, taken from a painting of the same series, named "twenty-eight" is a story of people's living conditions in Khuzestan and perhaps of all Iranian people; as if we must endure the punishment in Sisyphus legend which the gods decided for him.
The vicious circle and living between past which is no longer accessible, and the future which is not so clear, have created a present time which is repeated day by day.

Amin Aghaei